How to Activate 100 Free DSTV Channels

Streaming services are becoming increasingly popular, and the high expenses involved with obtaining their material are contributing to a fall in the number of people subscribing to DStv.

If you still have your DStv decoder or have a subscription to the Compact package, adding additional channels to your payment plan is much easier than you might think it would be. MyBroadband carried out an experiment in which it was successful in adding one hundred channels to a DStv decoder at no additional cost by modifying a few of the parameters.

According to MyBroadband, the channels can be received free of charge because they are sent from the same Intelsat 20 satellite that DStv uses. You will require a few different items in order to watch these channels free of charge.

These include a satellite decoder that is compatible with MPEG as well as the DVB-S and DVB-S2 modulations, both of which are integrated into the DStv decoders that are now available. If you now have or have had a connection to DStv in the past, you should also have a dish antenna and an LNB pointed in the direction of the satellite.

As a result of the fact that these channels are not part of the DStv service, you are able to watch them without paying for a subscription because they are offered without charge. This method is beneficial for customers who have terminated their DStv subscriptions but still possess the necessary hardware and decoder to access the service.

Guide to Activate 100 Free DSTV Channels:

Once a connection has been made, go to the settings menu, choose the satellite settings option, and after that, click on other networks to access the remaining five network options. Because Network 1 is already in use for DStv, you should steer clear of putting up channels on that network and instead set up channels on Networks 2 through 5. Turn on the network scanning function of the decoder. After the scan is complete, you should be able to gain access to them by adjusting the settings of the browser menu to “All Channels” rather than “My Channels.”

According to MyBroadband, a significant number of the channels had a religious focus; however, in addition to these, there were also a number of Openview HD channels, retail channels such as PEP, Game, and Clicks, and other programming.

Even if the picture quality isn’t quite up to DStv standards, it’s still a free hack that’ll make your life a little bit easier.

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