How to prevent your phone and laptop from hanging or freezing

It will interest you to know that one of the Major qualities that makes a device like a phone and a laptop stand out is the operating speed or the speed with which the system execute functions. It is also a major challenge that most phone and laptop users complain of a hanging device, this issue of hanging or freezing of device may not occur at the early stage the phone and laptop was purchased. According to research we conducted among students at Ebonyi state university, permsite campus it was observed that phones and laptops begin to hang between 2 to 3 months of usage after a lot of applications are installed.

Usually most people that use phones and laptops complain of hanging or freezing of their device after they have used the phone or laptop for some period of time, in this article we are going to be pointing out some of the things that cause a hanging phone or laptop after use for sometime or before use but before this let us quickly explain what it means for a phone or a laptop to hang or freeze.

Hanging or freezing of a phone or a laptop refers to the state when the system does not respond to commands of a user. This can be so annoying like most phone and laptop users have explained in the past, now that you understand what hanging or freezing of a phone or a laptop is let us quickly point out some of the causes and remedy.

Causes and remedy of a hanging or freezing phone or laptop

1. Too many running applications in the background: running many applications at once can slow down the processor which can cause the device to hang.

Remedy: Close all applications and services running in the background that is not currently in use.

2. Outdated applications and services: expired applications and services can cause the device (phone or laptop) not to function effectively and efficiently which in turn can cause the device to freeze. In every update bugs are fixed to enable the system function better than it was.

Remedy: Constantly update your applications and services.

3. Much load on the RAM: every device has an estimated RAM storage, installing too many applications that is too much for the RAM to handle can cause your device to freeze.

Remedy: Uninstall some unimportant applications or upgrade RAM for a better performance.

4. Hot environment: using your phone or laptop under a hot temperature can cause it to free, using your phone while charging which can set the phones temperature high can also cause your phone to hang.

Remedy: Re-apply thermal paste, use cooling pad, keep your environment cool and do not use your phone during charge.

5. Faulty internal storage: A damaged or partially damaged internal storage can cause a hanging device because fetching and decoding of data from the storage becomes inefficient.

Remedy: Take your phone or laptop to an expert for maintenance if hanging or freezing persists.

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