How to transfer WhatsApp chat history from Android to iOS

It is now possible to migrate WhatsApp chats from Android to iOS, we have provided step by step guide to assist people who wish to use this function. First, have the “ Move to iOS ” operation installed on the device for the transfer to begin. This point is important demanded but is still not as amicable as it should be. The iPhone that will be entering the transfer must either be brand-new or have experienced a plant reset (factory reset). The reason for this is because the transfer will take place when the iPhone is being set up and inked in.

After switching from Android to iOS, everything pertaining to your WhatsApp account and the backed- up converse data will be accessible on your new iPhone. Your WhatsApp call history will not be transferred throughout this process, but the business (WhatsApp) did not give an account on the reason it’s so. To begin your migration, cleave to these instructions and follow up step by step:

  • Install the “ Move to iOS ” operation on your Android device and open it.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts, and you’ll admit a law on the iPhone you ’re moving to.
  • Enter the law on your Android device, valve “ Continue ” and follow the process it requests of you.
  • Among data that you want to transfer( Android to iOS), elect WhatsApp.
  • Tap “ Start ” to initiate the transfer process.
  • Accept the transfer on your iPhone and stay for the Move to iOS operation to finish transferring your data.
  • formerly done, download the WhatsApp operation on your iPhone and subscribe in. Once your iPhone is fully active, all your exchanges will be available.

Anyone who wishes to switch from the Android ecosystem to the Apple bone can do so using this same function. Let us know how helpful this post is on the comments section.

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