Importance of technology in Nigerian schools

Since Nigeria got her independence in 1960 technology has played a major role in improving Nigerian schools. Technology has made it easy for students to access articles of learning and to also practice what they learn.

In the 1900’s schools in Nigeria is nothing to write home about and learning was difficult. Since the year 2000 till date technology has improved Nigerian schools to an amazing level, before technology was introduced in the Nigerian schools; students would be messed up with charcoal trying to keep the chalkboard clean, students had to carry huge and heavy books to school, students data kept missing due to the inaccuracy among record keepers in schools back then and doing assignments was difficult too.

Today with the help of technology students data no longer get missed as students record can be stored in a computer database with regular backup, students can now access information via the internet and get a better knowledge on how to do a specific assignment, students no longer need to carry huge and heavy books to school since a whole lot of information can be stored in a microchip.

To further break down the “importance of technology in Nigerian schools” for a better understanding, let me list some of the importance below:

1. Technology has made it easy for students to access articles of learning.

2. Technology has provided an easy medium for students to collaborate on various projects.

3. Technology has made it less stressful for both the Nigerian students and teachers as teachers can now teach students at the convenient of their home via online classes.

4. The high rate of accuracy in the Nigerian schools is a vindication of the enormous support of technology; results are faster to process and more accurate, students data is easy to maintain, payments are made easily and stress-free.

5. Technology has also increased the chances of students learning on their own via the internet which is an easy way to doing self research.

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