Reasons you should not use a cracked software

The computer system consists of two parts, software and hardware. Softwares are instructions given to the computer system to execute a certain function, computers run efficiently with the help of softwares installed in them. Most softwares are free while some are paid for, some have both free and paid version with some features restricted in the free version of the application and some softwares are entirely premium (it has to be paid for)

The fact that some software engineers design their software (application) to either posses both free and paid version with some features restricted in the free version or make their software entirely premium calls for the reason crackers crack softwares to give to people who cannot afford the software. Let us quickly explain what cracking of software is, according to Wikipedia “Software cracking is the modification of software to remove or disable features which are considered undesirable by the person cracking the software, especially copy protection features or software annoyances like nag screens and adware”.

In Nigeria the definition above does not completely define the situation because most people who crack softwares in Nigeria are doing so to unlock premium features of the software without paying for it. This is a criminal act and it constitutes a violation of software copyright law and it’s punishable.

Important reasons you should not use a cracked software

1. IT VIOLATES SOFTWARE COPYRIGHT LAW: piracy is stealing and it is punishable by law, it is better to abide by the law than be a criminal because there’s no benefit in commiting crimes.

2. SECURITY THREAT TO YOUR DEVICE: although most of the pirated softwares are 100% free of viruses (some crackers add malware, spyware, viruses, etc to cracked software). sometimes cracked softwares can harm your computer and put the information stored in your system and your privacy at risk.

3. NEGATIVE EFFECT ON THE ECONOMY OF THE DEVELOPER: cracking and sharing premium software affects the economy of the programmer since people who could have bought the software will now have it for free.

4. POOR PERFORMANCE: when a software is cracked it is likely going to work in a less satisfactory manner, some may not work at all depending on the technique used by the inventor. Such poor performance can sometimes harm your hardware device.

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