Steps to connect airpods to an Android phone

Many students in Nigeria think airpods can only connect to iPhones but it is not true, our team on Thingsloaded came to this conclusion after a questionnaire we conducted in schools within Ebonyi state. AirPods can be synced to an Android device via Bluetooth, just like any other Bluetooth devices.

Steps to connect airpods to an Android phone: 

AirPods have a strong wireless capability and it is becoming very popular within Nigeria, this is because people prefer it to earphones with wire. There’s no doubt airpods provide a convenient way to listen to music and answer phone calls on the go, if you are wandering how to connect airpods to your Android phone this article is for you. AirPods are compatible with any Bluetooth device, including PCs and Macs, Android phones are a bit limited in their AirPods connectivity. Do not get nervous yet, connecting your Android phone to AirPods is simple. Below are steps to doing it.


It is good for you to understand some of the limitations that comes with connecting airpods to Android. By default, you will not be able to check the battery level of the AirPods or their charging case but you can do this by using a third-party applications like AirBattery, Podroid, AirBuds Popup, and Assistant Trigger all are free alternatives. You will not also be able to make use of Apple’s extensive gesture support for iOS users. Outside these limitations, you can connect your Android phone to your AirPods and begin listening to music and answering phone calls by following these steps below:

Steps to Pair AirPods with an Android Phone

It is simple and easy to pair AirPods with an Android phone or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. Follow these steps below to do so, this might differ a little bit depending on your Android device:

1. To pair a new device on Android, go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth > Pair New Device. Your phone will now be in Bluetooth pairing mode.

2. Be sure the AirPods or AirPods Pro are in the charging case and that it is open.

3. To pair the AirPods, press and hold the Setup or Pair button on the back of the case for a few seconds.

4. When your AirPods are ready to pair, a blue light on the inside or front of the case will begin to flash.

5. Tap the AirPods from the available Bluetooth devices list on the Android device, then confirm any prompts that show on the Android device.

With these simple steps it is very easy to connect your airpods to your Android phone.

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