The computer motherboard and its maintenance


A computer’s motherboard is one of the most essential part of the computer system, it serves as the hub through which every other components connects to the computer system. The fact that the motherboard is very fragile makes it a bit difficult to clean to avoid damage, when dusts are on the motherboard it reduces it’s performance thus, it must be cleaned to keep a smooth and adequate running of the computer system. In this article we will point out all that you need to know to clean the motherboard efficiently without damaging it and any of it’s components in the computer system.


The computer motherboard can be defined as the essential part of the system unit that connects other components of the computer system together for efficient performance. The motherboard is made of thick sheets of non-conductors usually stiff plastic, on the motherboard are thin traces made of copper or aluminum foil. It is from these traces that components are connected in the system unit.


In Nigeria most people are so concerned about safeguarding their computer against virus but only few pay attention to cleaning their computer’s motherboard, Some important reasons you should clean your computer’s motherboard are: 

Prevents corrosion: dust or dirt can cause corrosion and rust on almost all parts of the computer motherboard which results to damage and poor performance of the computer system.

Saves money and helps the computer last longer: sometimes motherboards fail because of the damage caused by dirt which cleaning could solve and save the money for purchasing a new motherboard.


 We have made this section of this article easy to read and understand so if it’s your first time cleaning a motherboard just follow the procedures written below; so that you will not damage your motherboard in the process of cleaning.

A computer motherboard can be cleaned in two major ways: 1. Routine cleaning. 2. Deep cleaning.

Routine cleaning: this is a form of cleaning applied on the computer motherboard daily, it does not require special equipment nor removal of the motherboard.

Deep cleaning: deep cleaning involves the use of alcohol or methylated spirit to clean the motherboard with extreme caution. When a computer has been exposed to duty or filthy environment this form of cleaning is required.

How to clean the motherboard using the routine cleaning:

1. Turn off the computer unplug from any socket if plugged.

2. Apply dry air to the motherboard to remove dust. Another option is to use an air compressor. However, keep your PSI at 50 PSI or below to avoid damaging your motherboard.

3. Use soft-tipped paintbrush to clear dust from some areas like the fans, power supply, intake vents, and between RAM modules.

4. Open the case of your system units. Screw can be used to loosen the case. If you do not know how to open your case, visit your PC’s manual. Clean it properly with a clean, small and dry towel.

5. Close the case of the system units.

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