What it means to link your NIN to your sim in Nigeria

Linking your national identification number (NIN) to your sim card in Nigeria as directed by the government of the federal republic of Nigeria means submitting your national identification number to your network provider for easy tracking. Many Nigerians do not understand what this means and that is why we have written this article on thingsloaded.com.ng to explain everything Nigerians should know about linking NIN to sim cards.

To further explain this, they are many secrets behind this linkage policy made compulsory by the government of the federal republic of Nigeria under the ministry of communication and digital life for every sim user in Nigeria who makes phone call or surfs the internet, this agenda focuses on the security control of among Nigerians.

What to know after linking your NIN to your sim card in Nigeria:

1. Involvement in any online criminal activity or through phone call may land you in prison easily. This is because tracking you is easier for the government.

You should be aware that you are prone to the security agents, so you should protect your sim card same way as you protect your ATM card.

2. We advise you to stop or never use your NIN to link friends sim cards or register sim card for someone else.

3. Stop or do not give out your phone, laptop, desktop computers and so on with your registered sim card to people to browse the internet with or make calls.

4. Some hackers may try to break into your NIN so do not disclose any OTP sent to you by your service provider to anyone.

5. This is the most essential part of this article, do not disclose your National identification number to anyone.

Note: you will be held responsible for any illegal activity done with your sim card, be conscious.

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